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Social Responsibility    Governance

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Responsibilities of the Appointments Committee, an internal committee of the Supervisory Board include the assessment of the adequacy of the commitment made on issues of corporate social responsibility.


The following specialist roles have been created in order to manage social and environmental responsibility issues with the aim of supporting and pursuing high standards of quality in different areas and in compliance with the provisions of national legislation: 

  • the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager co-ordinates issues of an ethical, social and environmental nature in operations, consistent with a strategic corporate vision and in implementation of the Group social responsibility model. The role reports directly to the Chief Financial Officer, who in turn is on the staff of the Chief Executive Officer;

  • the Mobility Manager is responsible for optimising systematic travel by employees, adopting, amongst other things, tools such as the home-work travel plan (HWTP);

  • the Health and Safety Manager manages all aspects relating to the health and safety of workers, undertaking occupational risk assessment, prevention and monitoring action and the relative corrective and training action;

  • the Welfare Manager is responsible for formulating and co-ordinating action to improve the quality of life of persons inside and outside the Bank, from the viewpoint of both organisational well-being and personal well-being, offering concrete opportunities in terms of services and benefits;

  • the Energy Manager is responsible for analysing the energy requirement and for taking action to optimise consumption and improve the energy efficiency of buildings and services.

As part of the project for the transition to the new GRI-G4 guidelines for sustainability reporting, a network of CSR contacts was created at Group level in 2015, which works with the CSR Manager on activities concerning proposal making, implementation and reporting on objectives and actions, in implementation of the Group’s Social Responsibility Model.

Corporate Governance and Risk Management