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Careers and Training

The overall training supply, which may be consulted in a special catalogue, accessible on the corporate intranet, includes the following:

  • permanent training programmes for specific roles (basic training from the catalogue): a carefully designed sequence of courses and periods of job experience to allow the acquisition, development and reinforcement of the abilities required for the role filled or to be filled within the organisation from the viewpoint of technical knowledge and relationship and behavioural skills. Different programmes are employed for distribution network units, central units, new recruits (including professional apprenticeships) and personnel involved in professional retraining schemes. Compulsory qualifying courses are provided with a final examination for positions of particular responsibility (e.g. branch manager) to be completed before the appointment is made;

  • specific training supply (projects): specific training is also provided designed to meet the needs of particular segments of Group personnel and to support the introduction of organisational strategies and changes, modifications produced by regulatory developments and the more significant innovations in products, instruments and processes;

  • a managerial training programme designed to improve the skills and capabilities of the main managerial roles, consisting of in-house seminars of a behavioural and personal experience nature and of participation in specialist courses and external refresher seminars and intercompany events to encourage exchange of knowledge and “managerial hybridisation” with others in different professional fields. Particular attention is paid to programmes to develop talented personnel with high growth potential and also to female personnel through specific seminars organised on the subject of “diversity management”.