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Values, principles and policies    Charter of Values

To be a good banker means creating a vision of a bank in which you can trust, a bank recognised on the market for its management style based on a constant sense of ethics, transparency, integrity, dialogue and respect in business. It means believing in strong and shared values and putting them into practice in observance of principles and rules of conduct which  are not seen as limitations, but as the way to establish our identity on the market.




The Charter of Values – approved in January 2008 – identifies those values on which the Group has based its identity and which, in both its strategic choices and its everyday business, must guide the conduct of personnel in their relationships with customers and all other stakeholders.

General ethical principles and rules of conduct for relations with all stakeholders are drawn from those values and they are declared in our Code of Ethics, of which our Charter of Values forms an integral part.


 Charter of Values  (PDF, 1,9 MB)  (PDF, 1,9 MB)