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Our Group    Employee testimonials



Alessandra Cossu - Banco di Brescia, Branch Manager in Odolo


"I started at the age of 20 at the Banca San Paolo di Brescia with great enthusiasm and a strong desire to learn, for which I found support from a number of colleagues in the branches I passed through.

Welcoming the customer as a person and not as an account number, showing interest in their requirements, became my way of working every day.

I performed all the roles involved in the Network duties. In performing all these duties, I had the fortune to work with colleagues who taught me a great deal.

They showed me how to experience each role with my personality. Over these years, “my Bank” has transformed due to mergers with other banking Groups; it has been reorganised in the face of constant changes in the market; it has evolved due to new and growing market requirements and, in all this, the human resources have particularly stood out, as they are the beating heart of this company".








Gabriele Castelli - UBI Private Investment, Sales Department - Central     Northern Italy


“In a few days, I will reach my 10th anniversary of working for our Banking Group. After passing the test for registration on the Register of Financial Advisors, a short but thrilling experience as a Financial Advisor, I was offered the opportunity to change my role and build upon the experience gained in the field within the commercial department of the current UBI Banca Private Investment.

I have always considered it essential and, at the same time, educational to be able to work in a challenging context, able to set objectives and at the same time offer methodologies to allow them to be achieved; I can confirm that these qualities can be found within the UBI Group. Over the course of the years which, among other things, were very challenging both due to the working environment and for the more general macro-economic context, I have been able to enrich my professional experience with a wonderful lesson: the capacity for “teamwork”. In fact, I have been lucky enough always to find myself part of a department in which achieving objectives through group coherence, perseverance and commitment have been, and I believe will continue to be, common denominators for our daily activity”.






Elisabetta Rossi - UBI Pramerica sgr, Head of Asset Management


"Before completing my university studies, I decided to test out the world of work and after a short time I had the opportunity of participating in the selections to join the then Banca Popolare di Bergamo-Credito Varesino. In March 1999 my adventure began at the Sesto Calende branch.

I started as a cashier and then moved onto my preferred activity of securities/portfolio management which was always my professional aspiration. A wonderful and useful experience surrounded by ever willing colleagues.

In June 2000 I started a new and challenging adventure: I was offered the opportunity of joining the company which, from that moment onwards, would be dedicated to the activity of asset management for the group, Finanzattiva Sgr, which later became UBI Pramerica.

I thereby began the intense activity of studying financial markets and listed companies. A truly fascinating job that allowed me to learn and elaborate over time many different skills. In 2009, I was then appointed head of the shares team. I can only define my experience in the group as positive, both for the space for professional growth that has been offered to me, and for the people with strong professionalism and human depth that have surrounded me and supported me on a daily basis, even still today".