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  • How are applications submitted?

 Applications are submitted online at the Employment section of the website. The procedure  involves various masks for inserting data (application form) and sending your CV.


  • When sending your CV, do you get a response?

Upon sending your CV initially, you will receive an access “password” using which you will be able to update your profile at a later date.


  • What is the selection process for recent graduates?

First selection phase: aptitude tests, to assess logical, verbal and numerical reasoning and a behavioural questionnaire to gain initial knowledge of the candidate.

Second phase: Group assessment, the setting involves groups of 8 people who collaborate in the resolution of case studies, aimed at enhancing interpersonal relationships and different methods of problem solving.

Third phase: Individual interviews, these personal interviews are designed to evaluate the level of experience gained and professional aspirations.


  • What are the curriculum requirements necessary for recruitment of recent graduates?

Our search is focused preferably at recent graduates in: Economy (in the various specialisations, Engineering (Management and Computer Science), Statistics, Mathematics and Law. Depending upon specific requirements, we will also consider graduates in other disciplines.

Master’s degrees, an excellent education history and good knowledge of the main IT packages are preferred.



  •  Will candidates who participate in the selection receive a reply in any case regarding the outcome?

Candidates will receive a telephone call or e-mail whether or not they have been successful.