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Change in the distribution network
List of branch rationalisation actions - with effect from 19 January 2015

The companies of the Group

International Network

Anti Money Laundering documents
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Historical documentation
- BPU Banca
- Banca Lombarda
Bpu Banca - Banca Lombarda merger 



UBI Banca is the third largest Italian commercial banking Group in terms of market cap with a market share above 5%, approx. 1,700 branches mainly concentrated in the wealthiest areas of the country and over 18,000 staff. UBI Banca is a cooperative Group, listed on the Milan Stock Exchange and included in the FTSE/MIB index.  


The UBI Banca Group operates through the SDIR-NIS service managed by Blt Market Services, company of the London Stock Exchange Group, for the transmission of the Regulated Information. For the storage of the Regulated Information, the UBI Banca Group operates through the "1Info" authorised storage device, managed by Computershare S.p.A.

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Pillar 3
Disclosure as at 31 December 2014

Position as at 31st December 2013

Information pursuant to letters a), b) and c) of Attachment A to Part One, Title III, Chapter 2 of Bank of Italy Circular No. 285 of 17th December 2013


UBI Banca Group companies name, revenues and employees by country of location