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Our Group    Human Resources

Personnel represent an asset with values, capabilities and competencies, the recognition and enhancement of which, considered in terms of capitalising and using the capabilities and competencies of individuals, constitute essential conditions for achieving UBI Banca’s mission.

The principles endorsed by ILO (International Labour Organisation) conventions are applied throughout the Group. The local and national standards which Group companies and banks must observe are based on those principles. The polices and processes for personnel management comply with these principles and those of the Global Compact and they employ the values of fairness, consistency, meritocracy and uniformity to translate Group objectives into personal, team and corporate results.


Personnel at 31.12.2013



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 Personnel at 31.12.2013 (Excel, 12 KB)  (Excel, 12 KB)


Activities for finding and selecting personnel for the whole Group are centralised at UBI Banca and they are based on criteria of transparency, independent judgement and respect for personal information on candidates. Candidates are acquired through the “Work” section of the corporate website of the Group and over 39,000 CVs were received during the year. The selection procedure involves various stages of aptitude and behavioural tests, Group assessment and individual interviews to foster mutual knowledge and it not only considers the professional training and experience of candidates but also their human experiences.

Selection procedures involved approximately 1,500 candidates in 2013, with a focus on new university graduates and professional and middle management roles in various specialist areas. In 2013 UBI Banca took part in career days and company presentations organised mainly by schools and universities in the areas in which the Group operates, in order to let young people know the type of qualifications and experience in which the Group is interested, to acquire candidates and to carry out preliminary and counselling interviews.

During the year 57 persons were appointed on internships in co-operation with these institutions, of which 38 were university undergraduates or graduates and 19 school leavers. These provide opportunities for specialist “on-the-job” training above all at the Parent and in the product companies. A further 11 trainee position appointments were made at representative offices in China, Brazil, India and Russia.


Geographical distribution of employees in Italy and Abroad



Geographical mobility defined as working in a different province to that in which a person is resident affects 20.8% of employees. The Group tries, where possible and if compatible with organisational requirements, to satisfy requests to work close to home made by employees classified as belonging to “professional areas” and special attention is paid to employees who have been working for at least two years in organisational units at
distances of over 40 km (to work and back) from their homes. Moving personnel closer to their homes may result in new or different duties from those performed in their original organisational units.