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Students and graduates    Internship experiences

Mattias Pizzagalli - Internship experience at the Representative Office in São Paulo – Brazil  –


“During my work experience, I had the opportunity to personally observe the considerable support offered by UBI Banca to Italian companies that wish to invest abroad or launch exportation activities, especially by establishing relations with a country like Brazil, whose immigration policies and internal regulations are very complex.


I was warmly welcomed by the Representative Office, and worked with highly qualified and helpful people who taught me a lot both professionally and humanely. Moreover, contact with local correspondents and partners enabled me to notice and face cultural differences in personal and business relations, and to develop my cross-cultural relational skills.


The work experience was also an excellent testing ground to practice my Portuguese and English in a business framework. Finally, it was an experience I would repeat, and which I warmly recommend to whoever is considering the prospect”.






Giovanni Palmioli - Internship experience at the Representative Office in Hong Kong and Shanghai - China- 
"It was unquestionably a lovely unforgettable experience both from a professional and humane standpoint. The work experience enabled me to directly build knowledge on the economic-financial system of emerging Asian countries, particularly China, by paying special attention to banks and currency, topics that have always interested me. 


By participating in workshops and events, and by daily reading the Asian financial press, I had the opportunity to personally observe the gradual Internationalisation process of China, and notice the differences between the Chinese framework and the Italian-European one. 


I must say that my integration into this framework was well supported by all onsite personnel at UBI Banca, who gave me a warm welcome and was very helpful, discrete and patient, which I highly appreciated. I consider my experience very useful to continue my studies, enrich my cultural know-how and even for potential future employment prospects in an Asian country, which I had not duly considered prior to the work experience."