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If you are a student or a recent graduate, UBI Banca is offering the opportunity of internships at the core structures of the Parent Company, product company and market management offices of the Bank Network.


The internship is a highly formative experience that integrates the path of study undertaken. It is an opportunity to measure your skills and potential and to enjoy a meaningful experience of professional guidance.


The internships have a maximum duration of 6 months, during which the intern is followed by a business tutor in the activities, in learning and in integration with the team

The goal is to develop, through a programme of induction training, not only specialist expertise but also the soft skills essential for working to the best of your potential within our company.

During the course of the year, we insert young students and recent graduates into the following company areas:

  •  Risk Management: for graduates in economic and scientific disciplines who may also cover activities in relation to credit, financial and operational risks.

  •  Administration and Management Control: for graduates in economic and scientific disciplines as part of cost accounting, management control, budgeting, planning and reporting.
  •  Audit: for graduates in economic and scientific disciplines in the field of commercial, key accounts and financial audits.

  •  Information Technology: for graduates in computer science who can cover activities of developers, programming analysts and functional analysts.

Other internship opportunities are possible in the areas of Human Resources, Organisation, Commercial and Legal.


There are also interesting opportunities beyond the national borders; in fact, there are positions available at our foreign offices (representation offices) link. 


Applications for internships are dealt with in collaboration with Universities and the most qualified Training schools, based upon agreements and conventions. 


Currently the project is on Internship abroad "Campusworld" for students, undergraduates and graduates of the University Polytechnic of the Marche, who wishes to attend an internship training and orientation at our offices: Hong Kong, Moscow, Mumbai and San Paolo.