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Corporate Governance    Management Board

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Corporate governance

Management Board

The Management Board in force has been appointed on the 14th April 2016 and it is composed by 7 members,  inclusive of a Chairman, a Deputy Chairman and a Chief Executive Officer.

The Management Board has been elected with a three year mandate (2016-2017-2018) by the Supervisory Board, on the proposal of the Appointments Committee.

In accordance with the Articles of Association and in compliance with Bank of Italy criteria, four senior managers of UBI Banca Group were appointed as members of that Board.

Furthermore, in compliance with the provisions of Law No.120 of 12th July 2011, a balance between genders is ensured for the period.

Its members must be in possession of the qualities of integrity and professionalism and any other requirement prescribed by regulations currently in force.

The Management Board, which meets at least once a month, is responsible for the management of the company in observance of the general strategic policies and programmes approved by the Supervisory Board.

The main powers of the Management Board are as follows:

  • the formulation, on the basis of proposals from the Chief Executive Officer, of the strategic policies and plans of the Bank and the Group and of the business and/or financial plans and the budgets of the Bank and the Groupto be submitted to the Supervisory Board;
  • setting of risk management guidelines and policies including those relating to non-compliance with internal regulations and controls, to be submitted to the approval of the Supervisory Board;
  • the appointment and dismissal of the General Management and the definition of its functions and responsibilities, and also the appointment of the senior management of the Group; 
  • the preparation of the draft Individual Company Financial Statements and of the draft Consolidated Financial Statements.

The Management Board is currently composed by:



Chairwoman of the Management Board

Letizia Brichetto Arnaboldi Moratti



Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

Flavio Pizzini 



CEO and General Manager
Victor Massiah

Photo of CEO of Management Board Victor Massiah