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Selection procedure

The selection procedure at UBI Banca consists of a number of different stages designed to promote mutual knowledge of each other and to assess the skills of most interest to us for the activities we perform: analysis, logical reasoning, negotiation, problem solving and relationship skills.

The stages are listed below:



CV screening

This stage is where applications are assessed  that have been received through the corporate website or by the bank's participation at events and career days in universities throughout Italy.



In order to facilitate selection, we ask the most promising candidates to take aptitude tests to assess their logical, verbal and numerical reasoning skills and to fill in a behavioural questionnaire to gain some initial knowledge of them.


Group assessment

The setting consists of groups of eight who work together to discuss case studies. The aim is to assess interpersonal relationships and different ways of problem solving.


Individual interviews

These interviews are conducted with the assistance of a behavioural questionnaire to assess the experience and professional ambitions of candidates.


Interview with line managers

For some positions a further interview is held with line managers to immediately establish a relationship of consultation and dialogue with new staff.