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Socially responsible investments

The UBI Community Social Bonds provide subscribers with the opportunity to obtain a return on their investment in line with the interest rates offered by the Bank with respect to similar investments, and at the same they support high social value and impact initiatives organised by local public and private sector organisations. The issuing bank either donates a portion of the funding to support initiatives for which the debt was issued, or it uses the amount received to disburse finance.

UBI Pramerica - the Group's SGR - has created a range of funds for clients who are sensitive to sustainability and social responsibility issues. These funds invest in companies chosen from an investable universe selected by E-Capital Partners, (a leading independent, ethical finance consulting firm) on the basis of the following criteria:

  • companies involved in the following are excluded: the production and/or trade in arms, pornographic material, contraceptives, alcohol, tobacco and other products harmful to health; the promotion and practice of gambling; the construction of plants for the production of nuclear energy; research, development or production of GMOs;

  • the inclusion of companies that achieve important social and environmental performance, that demonstrate attention to sustainable development and respect for human rights and that adopt clear and transparent governance.

In the 2015 UBI Pramerica broadened its range of funds managed according to ethical, social and environmental criteria by adding to UBI Pramerica Azionario Etico fund, a new fund entitled UBI Pramerica Obbligazionario Euro Corporate Etico (launched in March 2015) and the Sicav Social 4 Future (launched in December 2015).