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Socially responsible investments

The UBI Community Social Bonds provide subscribers with the opportunity to obtain a return on their investment in line with the interest rates offered by the Bank with respect to similar investments, and at the same they support high social value and impact initiatives organised by local public and private sector organisations. The issuing bank either donates a portion of the funding to support initiatives for which the debt was issued, or it uses the amount received to disburse finance.

Following the launch of the UBI Sicav Social 4 Future fund in 2016, UBI Pramerica - the Group's SGR - and UBI Banca have confirmed their commitment to social responsibility and environmental concern by placing the UBI Pramerica Bilanciato Etico fund.

The new fund, placed within a time frame (October/November 2017), aims to broaden the range of ethical funds offered by the Group's asset management company UBI Pramerica in order to highlight the growing propensity and need for investors, including private individuals, to combine the traditional objective of financial returns with ethical and social principles when making their investment choices.