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UBI Academy S.c.r.l.

UBI Academy is the corporate university of the UBI Banca Group, a limited liability consortium company formed on 2nd July 2012. It has mutual, non-profit objects and under the provisions of Art. 2602 of the Italian Civil Code, its business purpose is to carry out activities for the training and professional development. 

The company’s management system is certified to the ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard.


Senior Officers

Legal representative and Chairman of the Board of Directors: Graziano Caldiani 

Board Member: Rossella Leidi 

Board Member: Elvio Sonnino 

General Manager: Matteo Meledandri


Registered office and management headquarters and other references

9 Via F.lli Calvi 

Bergamo 24122 

Tel. 035.3924777 

Email: ubiacademy@pecgruppoubi.it

Tax code, VAT number and Bergamo Company Registrar number 03845700164



Data Protection Officer (DPO) UBI Academy:

Andrea Carradori


Tel: 0731647073

Email: dpo@ubiacademy.it


Mission and Vision

UBI Academy’s mission is the study, planning, consultancy and provision of services for the training and the professional development to support the achievement of business results. 


UBI Academy’s objective is to promote, develop and enhance the technical and professional know-how, managerial experience and skills and the ethical and cultural conduct of the staff in companies belonging to the UBI Banca Group and to encourage the development of a unified corporate identity. UBI Academy wishes to consolidate and improve training activities as a whole, already developed as part of UBI Banca’s training activities, combining this with the need to introduce and develop new, evolved and innovative forms of knowledge management. 


UBI Academy’s outlook is one of openness to the academic world and to social and educational institutions of the highest standing in society in order to learn from the innovative capabilities that they possess.


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