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Human resources constitute an important strategic lever for the UBI Banca Group. They allow us to give an identity to our way of banking, to distinguish ourselves from our competitors and to maintain a competitive edge in an increasingly more complex and rapidly evolving market scenario.


We believe that each individual person is a distinctive resource of values, skills and abilities which we must be able to recognise and value in order to translate objectives into personal, team and corporate results.


In the same way, we feel we can offer those who work with us the tools they need for there own personal and professional development by building appropriate career paths.


We are interested in personnel from banking and consulting contexts who have acquired experience in branch network roles or within specialist areas (risk management, planning and control, legal affairs, communication and marketing, auditing, organisation and human resources, administration and accounts).


We guarantee the utmost confidentiality in the processing of personal data and information.


Job opportunities:
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