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We consider continuous training to be a key success factor not only for enabling personnel to fill roles adequately and to introduce new operational models, processes and systems, but also to assist in the development of corporate identity and culture through the diffusion of Group values and strategies. Training is conducted by internal instructors consisting of personnel from Group companies, specially trained in classroom techniques by the UBI Banca instructors school and by professional instructors from reputable specialist companies in the sector. The acquisition of the contents and successful completion of technical courses is verified with specific questionnaires.


Please click here to see UBI Banca's statistics about training activities.


The aims


Training programmes are created to organise individual courses into a sequence of recommended studies with a view to gradual and continuous professional growth. They are designed to perform the following:

  • to qualify each employee to perform the functions of their role in the bank, by learning the structure of the UBI Group, its mission and the responsibilities and tools required of each role;
  • to acquire the technical specialist expertise required of personnel by markets and strategic business plans;
  • to refine and master the personal relationship and managerial skills of personnel in all roles.

  • Training programmes are designed for different roles in the distribution networks of the three banking markets and in the head offices of the Group banks and product companies.

  • A process of performance and skill assessment involving all employees is carried out periodically to measure the abilities and knowledge of personnel. It is performed in order to plan training activity adequately and to develop and support human resource management.