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Last update on 30/11/2017 09:33:21




Chi siamo

Market positions

The Group is mainly Retail but has a traditional presence in the sector of medium and small enterprises and a private banking activity which places the Group among the top players in the Italian market.



Approx. 3.8 Million Clients with a very large Retail Component




The Group's ranking in Italy

(data as at 30 September 2016)

·  fifth largest branch network, with a domestic market share over 5%  

·  fourth largest bank in terms of:

   - direct funding from customers 

   - loans to customers



The Group's main figures as at 30 September 2016

·  approx. 3.8 million customers served through a divisionalised and segmented commercial model

·  17,573 labour force at the end of the period

·  84.6 billion euro of direct funding

·  82.0 billion euro of net loans to customers

·  80.1 billion euro of indirect funding

·  113.4 billion euro of total assets