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High potential

In order to attract, retain and develop talents within the Group, we have identified actions for the proper management and development of those with High Potential.

The primary objective is to facilitate the full expression of potential, through effective interaction between the human resource and the organisation as a whole. To this end, we have developed targeted and differentiated management policies that respect and enhance the abilities of the individual and also the specific "local" issues of the company.

The people involved in spotting potential have been identified based upon the Group's strategic objectives. A central aspect, along with the expression of constant ability and superior performance, is the “inclination for activity”, intended as the drive towards action and innovation.

The analysis tools used allow for the investigation, by different methods, of the core skills for the company (creative, cognitive, relational, change management and motivation).

Once the potential for development has been detected, the next task is to provide tools for growth and improvement of performance (coaching, mentoring, targeted training, speeding up of career paths, job rotations, etc...) with the aim of identifying for valuable resources more complex roles in the short/medium term.

In particular, self-awareness of their individual characteristics is also encouraged, in order to facilitate growth also through a constant process of self-development.