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Social Responsibility    Approach to sustainability

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Approach to sustainability

The UBI Banca's concept of sustainability involves a constant commitment to:

  • pursue a sound operational balance by matching assets to liabilities as an indispensable condition for creating value for registered shareholders and all stakeholders in the medium to long-term;

  • achieve our operating and financial objectives in observance of our institutional mission to serve families and local economies with business activity which is able to grasp the opportunities arising from the development of social dynamics and at the same time to pay careful attention to situations of fragility and difficulty and to important social causes and concerns;

  • maintain an intense activity to support the very many social and welfare, cultural, sports and recreational initiatives of the communities in which we live and operate;

  • reduce the consumption and the emissions in carrying out the activities and contribute to initiatives and investments to protect the environment and to reduce the environmental impacts of customers and suppliers.

The Social Responsibility Model

Our social responsibility model is based on the involvement of all organisational units in the formulation and achievement of social responsibility and sustainability objectives as an integral part of normal corporate activities. It is articulated on four areas of intervention:

  • Corporate governance, to address action of individuals and organisational units in compliance with Group principles and values. The adoption of a Code of Ethics is a fundamental stage in the creation of our social responsibility system. By identifying our stakeholders and clearly stating the principles followed in our conduct towards them, the Code constitutes a framework of reference we use to integrate ethical, social and environmental aspects in our strategies, policies and corporate operations.

  • Management of business operations, to ensure proper management of risk and growth in lending and commercial activities that is consistent with the ethical, social and environmental expectations of stakeholders.

  • Management of social action, to help strengthen the identity of the Bank, attentive to the needs of local communities and closely involved in their social and economic development.

  • Reporting and control, to reach stakeholders and the parties concerned with the integrated use of those instruments best able: primarily the Sustainability Report and the Social Responsibility section of this internet portal.


 Our Social Responsibility Model (PDF, 62,5 KB)  (PDF, 62,5 KB)

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