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Social Responsibility    Main steps and awards (before 2007)

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Main steps and awards (before 2007)

The original members of the Group have roots dating back to the first Sforzesco Duchy of Milan (15th Century) in the case of the Monti di Pietà banks and include the Casse di Risparmio banks and the first "Popular" banks in modern unified Italy to give them a history of corporate social responsibility that goes back well over one hundred years. They are banks in the community and for the community which have developed over the years contributing, sometimes in a determining manner, to the well-being and social and economic development of the local communities in which they were born. By their actions they anticipated the implementation of those corporate social responsibility principles, initiatives and objectives which are considered of major importance today to strengthen corporate reputation, manage risk properly and guarantee the sustainability of competitive financial and operating performance. Some of them were among the first in Italy to implement forms of supplementary pensions for their employees, to undertake initiatives which today are termed ethical financial products (current accounts and bonds where the remuneration is donated to charity) and to conduct cause-related marketing campaigns.




Establishment of Fondazione CAB


Launch of Progress Account, the first current account with interest donated to charity

1991Establishment of Fondazione Banca Popolare di Bergamo


Establishment of Fondazione Banca San Paolo di Brescia

Launch of Bond Issue 1998-2001 SOS Nord Corea - CESVI (the first cause-related marketing campaign for food aid to the people of North Korea)


Launch of Insieme - Programma Etico, current account with donation of income accruing to charities

Adoption of first Charter of Values


Publication of the first Social Report


Launch cause-related marketing campaign with CESVI "La fame ha paura di noi" (beneficiary the Children's Nutrition Centre in Hanoi)

Installation of the first automatic teller machines for the non sighted in Italy


Signing up to the Global Compact

Launch of Welcome Project to provide banking services for non European Union immigrants

2004Establishment Fondazione BPU per Varese (today Fondazione UBI per Varese)


Launch of causerelated marketing campaign with CESVI "Change card, change the world" to support 4 projects in the third world

Adoption of the first ethical code of conduct


Launch of the UBI Pramerica Azionario Etico ethical fund