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Values, principles and policies    Code of Ethics

To be a good banker means creating a vision of a bank in which you can trust, a bank recognised on the market for its management style based on a constant sense of ethics, transparency, integrity, dialogue and respect in business. It means believing in strong and shared values and putting them into practice in observance of principles and rules of conduct which  are not seen as limitations, but as the way to establish our identity on the market.




At the end of 2010 the Management Board and the Supervisory Board of UBI Banca approved a Code of Ethics, the result of work performed involving personnel at various levels and which included senior management, the Parent, the network banks and the main product companies.

The Code was officially adopted by the banks and companies in the Group when it was approved by their respective governing bodies and it was distributed to equity investees of the Bank who have agreed to maintain conduct consistent with the principles contained in it.


The Code of Ethics defines the manner in which UBI intends to pursue its mission and act in dealings with its various stakeholders, by basing its management and operating activities on observance of moral and legal obligations towards society.


The chapter seven of the Code of Ethics describes the methods of implementation and control and specifically: distribution, implementation, forwarding the reports of violations and management of violations, application of sanctions, reporting.


Reports of violations of the Code are sent in written and not anonymous form to:
UBI Banca, Chief Audit Executive, Piazza Vittorio Veneto 8, 24122 Bergamo

or to the email address codice.etico@ubibanca.it

Reports received are treated with strict confidentiality insofar as the Law allows. Persons making reports are protected against any form of retaliation, discrimination or penalisation, without prejudice to the right of the Bank to act to protect its reputation and personnel and to repair damages that may have been incurred as a consequence of reports made in bad faith.

 Code of Ethics (PDF, 392,3 KB)  (PDF, 392,3 KB)