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Corporate governance

Corporate Documents

Download Corporate Documents

This is a courtesy translation from the Italian which remains the definitive version.

Original documents and reports are available in Italian language at this link.


Articles of Association

Code of Ethics

 April 2019 - Code of Ethics (PDF, 800,1 KB)  (PDF, 800,1 KB)

 March 2016 - Code of Ethics (PDF, 392,3 KB)  (PDF, 392,3 KB)

Document in accordance with legislative decree No. 231/2001

Internal Dealing Code

Regulations on Related-party Transactions

 April 2019 - Global Policy (PDF, 370,6 KB)  (PDF, 370,6 KB)

 April 2019 - Global Regulation (PDF, 419,5 KB)  (PDF, 419,5 KB)

 November 2018 - Global Policy (PDF, 341,4 KB)  (PDF, 341,4 KB)

 November 2018 - Global Regulation (PDF, 408,8 KB)  (PDF, 408,8 KB)

Public Disclosures

Reports on the Corporate Governance and ownership structure

Share Capital

Others Documents