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What is the profile of UBI Banca?

Unione di Banche Italiane Scpa is a banking Group, it's listed on the Milan Stock Exchange and included in the FTSE/MIB index. UBI Banca is the fifth largest Italian Banking Group in terms of assets with a market share of above 5% and a significant presence in the wealthiest areas of the country (the Italian regions of Lombardy and Piedmont).

How was UBI Banca set up?

UBI Banca is the result of the integration between the skills and experience of the BPU Banca and Banca Lombarda e Piemontese groups. The group, which is based on a co-operative model and has a federal organisation, has approx. 3.6 million customers and a network of over 1,500 branches.

Which were the main financial terms and conditions of the operation?

An allotment of 0.83 newly issued ordinary shares of Banche Popolari Unite was made for each ordinary share of Banca Lombarda. The UBI Banca's share capital is composed of 901,748,367 with a par value of  2.5 euro each.

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When was the merger effective and where can I find information on the merger project?

The merger was effetive starting from 1st April 2007. Documentation on the merger project is available on the web site www.ubibanca.com and it may be obtained at the UBI Banca's registered and operational offices in Bergamo (P.zza Vittorio Veneto, 8 - 2412 Bergamo - Italy) and Brescia (Via Cefalonia 74 - 25124 Brescia - Italy) as well as from Borsa Italiana S.p.A..

What are the principal values of the group?

  • Capacity to listen and attention to customers' needs.
  • Closeness to community roots at the service of local economies.
  • Commitment to distinguish itself on the market for the quality and innovation of the products and services it offers.

What are the advantages of the merger?

  • A strong competitive position;
  • a broad and widespread geographical market presence (UBI Banca is the fifth Italian banking group in terms of branches, with a national market share of above 5% and about 800 branches in Lombardy);
  • a broader range of products and services.

Which banks form part of UBI Banca?

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