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UBI Banca 2019/2020 Industrial Plan

The merger between BPU Banca and Banca Lombarda became effective on the 1st of April 2007. On the same date, BPU Banca changed its name to UBI Banca. 

The General Archive section is subsequent to the announcement of the merger in November 2006 (view the section BPU Banca - Banca Lombarda Merger). Please refer to the Historical Documentation section to view the Presentations, the Financial Statements and the Press Releases relating to BPU Banca and Banca Lombarda prior to the announcement.
All the Corporate Documents are available in the Corporate Governance section.


Information about the share capital increase are available in the Investor Relations section.



UBI Banca - Piano Industriale 2019/2020

 UBI Banca: 2019/2020 Business Plan (PDF, 151,5 KB)  (PDF, 151,5 KB)