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Community    International solidarity - Campaigns UBI Banca - CESVI

In giving our support to nonprofit organisations we consider, amongst other things, the value of those organisations in our communities which work to help people in other countries who are experiencing

poverty or emergencies.


One of the most significant partnerships is that with CESVI, one of the most important Italian NGOs, which we have supported over the years in many of its international solidarity projects with innovative cause-related marketing campaigns.


CESVI sUBIto for the Horn of Africa

In August 2011, UBI Banca revived its fund raising system, entitled CESVI sUBIto, for international humanitarian emergencies to support work by CESVI to help Somali refugees fleeing from the areas hit by drought and famine to the capital Mogadishu or to Dadaab, the largest refugee camp in the world, on the border with Kenya. Refugees entering the camp at Dadaab between June and September numbered over 1,000 per day, which brought the camp to its knees, with serious hygiene and sanitation problems and the risk of epidemics.

CESVI sUBIto Corno d`Africa

Operating through Group branches, UBI Banca raised funds generated by generous donations from customers which, when multiplied by the support from the bank, totalled €100,000  at the end of 2011.


The funds raised were used by CESVI to distribute hygiene and sanitation kits and to support its established public health activities, with particular attention paid to the protection of infants by means of specialist medical treatment and psychological and social assistance. Following cases, amongst other things, of the kidnap of international humanitarian aid workers and an increase in armed clashes between the Kenyan army and Somali militias, security regulations meant that CESVI had to suspend its field work activities and subject its intervention to decisions made by the United Nations agency.

At the beginning of March 2012, the UNCHR directed CESVI to work with mobile clinics in the Ifo area, where one of the most overcrowded refugee camps is located at Mogadishu.

The official bulletin issued at the end of February 2012 by the World Health Organisation reported on the importance of CESVI’s work with 1,020 patients examined each week, of which 890 are children under the age of five. Forty protection areas have been created to protect infants by providing assistance and psychological and social support to over 4,000 children per day. Health and hygiene education campaigns are still ongoing for approximately 40,000 people.


CESVI sUBIto for the Horn of Africa

In August 2010, the monsoon rains devastated Pakistan leaving over 20 million people on their knees. CESVI intervened immediately being able to count on the generosity of Italian people.

Once again, after the initiatives for Bangladesh and Myanmar, we commenced fundraising in our branches with the current account CESVI sUBIto for international emergencies. To the 30,000 euro which this raised, we added the same amount and at the end of the year we donated it to CESVI for its emergency intervention to help over 26,000 people.

Emergenza Pakistan

This included the distribution of primary necessities of food, water, kits for hygienic facilities, blankets and water containers according to the various needs in communities. The funds were also used to start reconstruction and for social and economic recovery, assisting with hygienic facilities, the construction of housing, the repair of industry infrastructures and the resumption of agricultural production. 


60,000 euro To CESVI for the emergency in Pakistan



One Kiss, One Euro
One Kiss One Euro for Africa

On the occasion of the First International Festival of Light in Milan, UBI Banca sponsored the initiative “One Kiss One Euro” on behalf of CESVI.

From 6th December 2009 until 10th  January 2010, for each kiss that people gave to each other under the mistletoe of Paul Cocksedge’s installation in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, each time the dome of the octagon lit up, UBI Banca donated one euro to Cesvi for a food security project for the children of Northern Uganda.


One child in four dies there before the age of five due to perfectly treatable illnesses and 15% of children suffer from acute malnutrition. ESVI’s objective is to support the development of an integrated system of agriculture able to provide sufficient food for complete and permanent nutrition, to ncrease the availability of water, improve local sanitation and access to education.


The counter totalled 52,926 kisses under the mistletoe which were “transformed” into as many euro for the children of Uganda.