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Material issues

The sustainability-related topics that are material for UBI Banca and its stakeholders, which have been carefully managed and have been particularly highlighted in the Sustainability Report, have been defined by means of an analytical and structured process (analysis of the materiality).


The materiality analysis was conducted by UBI Banca in compliance with the recommendations furnished in the GRI-G4 Guidelines and it consisted of a number of steps that can be summarised as follows:

  1. identification of sustainability-related topics by considering a variety of sources e.g. the GRI-G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, Financial Services Sector Disclosures, other banking Group benchmarks, an analysis of topics assessed by SRI analysts and rating agencies;

  2. assessment of the materiality of each topic for the bank, on the basis of stakeholder priorities and business strategies, carried out (above all in a forward-looking manner) by the senior management of UBI Banca and by the network of CSR contacts;

  3. estimation of the materiality of each topic for stakeholders, weighted with the materiality attributed to them, on the basis of the results of customer satisfaction surveys and other stakeholder engagement activities carried out and SRI analyst and rating agency assessments (including the annual report of the Carbon Disclosure Project on environmental matters);

  4. identification of the materiality threshold (the average of the materiality assessments described in the two previous items) and therefore of the material sustainability-related topics.

Materiality Matrix