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Partnerships and sponsorships

UBI Banca and its banking network have always supported initiatives in sport, culture and solidarity. This testifies the ties that bind every company in the Group to the area it serves.

It is a relationship that is renewed each year and which, through these support initiatives, allows each area to continue to grow and develop new and important initiatives.


UBI Banca's solid roots in the regions where it is present is also shown through its support for societies and sporting associations.
UBI Banca sees sport as an important factor for growth, and believes it is essential for personal and social formation as well as for the values that sport embodies. For this reason UBI Banca has always supported sport played at all levels, both professional and amateur.


UBI Banca considers the link to the social context in which it operates to be fundamental and for this reason it is committed to supporting the great many associations that contribute to the support and growth of the community through solidarity activities.


UBI Banca considers culture to be of essential importance, not just for the growth and enrichment of each individual but also as driver of local economic development. For this reason it supports many initiatives aimed at promoting and disseminating cultural events of various kinds.