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Press    Group prizes and awards

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Press    Group prizes and awards


October 2017

On the occasion of the 14th edition of the Aretè prize awards, UBI Banca received the Italian Banking Association Prize for financial disclosures for communications on social bonds, which are bonds issued to support high social impact projects.

The 2017 Areté prizes for responsible communication were awarded on 3rd October at the Salone della CSR e dell’innovazione sociale (CSR and Social Innovation Show) held at the Bocconi University of Milan.



May 2017

UBI Banca is the best sustainable bank of the year. This accolade was awarded by OF - Osservatorio Finanziario (financial observatory) a Milan research institute which has compared and monitored Italian home and mobile products and services delivered by the Italian banking industry since 2001 and which has announced a new banking index based on over 500 points of observation. 


January 2017

UBI Banca has won the “Firm of the year” award in the 2017 edition of the Finance Monthly Fintech Awards. Finance Monthly is a British financial publication. UBI Banca received the award in the Banking and Finance section. 


December 2016

UBI Banca’s Easy City receives prize at the 2016 MF Innovation Awards. The banking Group receives recognition in the non-financial, digital and other services category thanks to this service which reinvents how we shop with the UBI PAY app 


November 2016

UBI Banca is awarded as "Best Banking Group recognized by the market for its commitment to the development of Bancassurance in 2016" by the consulting firm EMFgroup during the event "Future Bancassurance Awards".


October 2016

UBI BANCA is the winner of the Annual Prepaid Europe Awards in the category Prepaid Marketing Campaign of the Year. The award ceremony took place in Milan, during the Prepaid Summit Europe 2016 meeting. Winners have been selected among 28 final candidates from all over Europe in each of 17 different categories.


AIFIn awards the 2016 prize for the best bank in the “Initiatives of a social nature” category to UBI Banca for its “Donate one day” corporate voluntary work initiative 


May 2016

UBI Banca at Milano Finanza 2016 Global Awards received two accolades:

- the Guido Carli/Lombard Prize, awarded to UBI Banca for projects to enhance human resources, collected by Mario Napoli, the head of Group Human Resources;

- the “Creators of Value”, Best Bank in the Region of Lombardy Prize, awarded to Banca Popolare di Bergamo for an MF Index of greater than seven. Silvano Manella, the Deputy General Manager, collected the prize. 


February 2016

UBI Banca wins the “National Prize for Innovation” (known as the “Prize of Prizes”) thanks to to the “UBI PAY” project.


July 2015

IWBank is awarded the “Trading Online” Bank of the year prize at the 2015 edition of the Le Fonti International Prize for the “Range of flexible and excellence products, innovation in digital systems and constant assistance”.


April 2015

The UBI Pramerica Obbligazioni Globali Alto Rendimento fund (high yield global bonds) was included by CSF Rating among the “best 300 funds”. “The 300 best funds” are best performer funds on the Italian market in terms of the risk-return ratio as defined by the rating methodology defined by CFS Rating, which considers a variety of factors: consistent results, overall performance in the last year, level of efficiency over five years, ability to limit investment risk and the uniqueness of the management approach. 


April 2015

UBI Pramerica SGR received the Milano Finanza “Tripla A fondi comuni di investimento” prize (triple A mutual investment fund prize) for the results achieved by the UBI Pramerica Azioni Pacifico fund. Milano Finanza awards the prize to the best performing funds, based on a rating calculated over 36 months. 


March 2015

UBI Banca receives the Italian Banking Association prize for innovation in banking services in the category “Innovate for the family and young people”


March 2015

As a result of its performance over the last three years UBI Pramerica came in third place absolute in the 2014 Premio Alto Rendimento (high return prize) as the best Italian mutual fund manager in the big group, a category for companies with assets under management of greater than €4 billion.

The Premio Alto Rendimento is an award granted by the newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore to asset management companies and mutual investment funds for exceptional results over the last three years and also for their commitment and professionalism in nurturing investments, with a view to protecting the investors’ best interests. The prizes are awarded on the basis of solid criteria of analysis which take account of the performance of the assets over a time frame of three years and they are based on assessments provided by CFS Rating. 


February 2015

UBI Pramerica – Its GPM Private Portfolio - Aggressivo product line is awarded first prize in the Balanced Portfolio Management and Fund Based Instruments category at the 2015 Diaman Awards (prizes awarded by the Diaman SCF based on performance in 2014)


December 2014

In December 2014 “Lombard”, the Italian English language finance magazine awarded the accolade of best Italian commercial bank to UBI Banca, an acknowledgement already received by the bank in 2013


November 2014

UBI Banca receives the title “Bank of the year” for Italy (“The Banker Awards”, a prize awarded by the periodical of the same name which forms part of the Financial Times Group)


November 2014

UBI Banca - 2014 AIRC “Believe in Research” Prize, awarded by the President of the Republic


October 2014

UBI Banca – first place in the digital financial services category with the new UBI Pay app (MF Innovation Award)


April 2014 The funds UBI Pramerica Euro Corporate, UBI Pramerica Obbligazioni Globali Alto Rendimento and UBI Pramerica Azioni Mercati Emergenti are inserted among the best funds “Over 10 years” by CSF Rating.


March 2014

UBI Pramerica - Obbligazioni Globali Alto Rendimento wins the Best International Bond Fund Prize (2013 High Performance Prize – Il Sole 24 Ore)


March 2014

UBI Pramerica - Obbligazioni Dollari wins the best America Bond Fund Prize (2013 High Performance Prize – Il Sole 24 Ore)


March 2014

UBI Pramerica is the best Italian asset management company in the "26-40 funds" category (Grands Prix - Fundclass 2014)


March 2014

UBI Banca receives the Special Innov@retail Award for the Enjoy Ski card (Accenture – Il Sole 24 Ore)


February 2014

UBI Banca forms part of the financing pool for the BreBeMi project, which won the "European Real Tall Deal Of the Year 2013" award from Project Finance Magazine and the Thomson Reuters PFI Award.


January 2014

UBI Banca: Like card, the 2014 best prepaid card (Osservatorio Finanziario OF – financial observatory)