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Structure of the Group    The Companies of the UBI Banca Group - Fully Consolidated

The main companies that formed part of the consolidation area as at 30th June 2012 are listed below, divided into subsidiaries (fully consolidated), companies subject to joint control (proportionally consolidated) and associates (consolidated using the equity method).

The percentage of control or ownership attributable to the Group (direct or indirect), their headquarters (registered address or operating headquarters) and the share capital is also indicated for each of them.



control is by the Parent Bank of the Group where no other indication is given

1. Unione di Banche Italiane Scpa
UBI Banca
(Parent Bank)
registered address: Bergamo, Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 8 
share capital: 2,254,366,897.50 (A) euro
2. Banca Popolare di Bergamo Spa
(100.00% controlled)
registered address: Bergamo, Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 8 
share capital: 1,350,514,252 euro

3. Banco di Brescia San Paolo CAB Spa
(100.00% controlled) 
registered address: Brescia, Corso Martiri delle Libertà, 13
share capital: 615,632,230.88 euro
4. Banca Popolare Commercio e Industria Spa (75.0769% controlled, 16.23% held by Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lombardia, 8.69% by Aviva)
registered address: Milano, Via della Moscova, 33
share capital: 934,150,467.60 euro

5. Banca Regionale Europea Spa
(74.9444% controlled)
registered address:
Cuneo, Via Roma, 13
share capital: 586,100,435.05 euro
6. Banca Popolare di Ancona Spa
(92.9612% controlled)
registered address:
Jesi (Ancona), Via Don A. Battistoni, 4
share capital: 147,301,670.32  euro

7. Banca Carime Spa
(92.8352% controlled)
registered address:
Cosenza, Viale Crati snc
share capital: 1,468,208,505.92 euro
8. Banca di Valle Camonica Spa
(74.2439% controlled)
registered address:
Breno (Brescia), Piazza Repubblica, 2 
share capital: 2,738,693 euro

9. Banco di San Giorgio Spa
(38.1927% controlled, 57.5001% held by BRE)
registered address:
Genova, Via Ceccardi, 1
share capital:  102,119,430 euro
10. B@nca 24-7 Spa
(100% controlled) (B)
operating headquarters: Bergamo, Via A. Stoppani, 15
share capital: 316,800,000 euro

11. IW Bank Spa
(75.3750% controlled and 23.496% held by Centrobanca)
registered address: Milano, Via Cavriana, 20
share capital: 18,404,795 euro

12. Centrobanca Spa
(94.3231% controlled and 5.4712% held by BPA)


registered address: Milano, Corso Europa, 16
share capital: 369,600,000 euro

13. UBI Leasing Spa
(79.9962% controlled and 18.9965% held by BPA)

registered address: Brescia, Via Cefalonia, 74
share capital: 241,557,810 euro


14. UBI Pramerica SGR Spa
(65% controlled)
operating headquarter: Milano, Via Monte di   Pietà, 5
share capital: 19,955,465 euro

15. Unione di Banche Italiane per il Factoring Spa - UBI Factor Spa (100% controlled)

registered address: Via F.lli Gabba, 1/A
share capital: 36,115,820 euro



16. UBI Sistemi e Servizi SCpA - Consortium Stock Company (C)

(70.8453% controlled and 2.9599% held by: Banca Popolare di Bergamo, Banco di Brescia, Banca Popolare Commercio e Industria, Banca Popolare di Ancona, Banca Carime and Banca Regionale Europea; 1.4799% held by: Banco di San Giorgio, Banca di Valle Camonica, UBI Banca Private Investment, Centrobanca, Banca 24-7, UBI Pramerica SGR; 0.74% held by UBI Factor; 0.074% held by IW Bank, UBI Insurance Broker, SILF and Prestitalia)

registered address: Brescia, Via Cefalonia, 62
share capital: 35,136,400 euro





(A) On 4th July 2012, following the bond conversion by some bondholders, the share capital was up to 2,254,367,512.50 euro.

(B) On 23rd July 2012 the merger of Banca 24/7 into UBI Banca was concluded with effect for accounting and tax purposes from 1st January 2012.


(C)  The Group controls 98.52% of UBISS share capital. The remaining part is held by UBI Assicurazioni.