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Advertising Campaigns

On this page you will find the major advertising campaigns of UBI Banca Group


  • Flexible Mortgage Lending Campaign (May 2014): a new flexible mortgage which allows for interruption of instalments for up to 18 months or for a decrease of the amount some times when it may serve. As well as this, with the undertaking to give our clients a first evaluation of their mortgage request within 24 hours

  • UBI Comunita' (Feb 2014): credit and services for the nonprofit sector and the world of voluntary work.

  • Risparmi che fanno risparmiare (Feb 2014): a prize initiative which gives you the right to a voucher that you can use to purchase a new insurance policy to protect that which is dearest to you: your family, your home and your car.

  • Multicanalita' (Dec 2013): two big competitions with the possibility to win €500 a day immediately, each in Media World vouchers. In addition, a final lottery super prize for those who also take part in Formula UBI.

  • Finanziamenti Internazionalizzazione PMI (Oct 2013): finance specially for small and medium-sized enterprises who wish to go beyond our borders.

  • Start-up (Jun 2013): finance to give credit to the idea for those who wish to go it alone as self-employed or start a new business.

  • Mutui (May 2013): a mortgage specially designed for all steady young couples, even if they don’t have a steady job.

  • Risparmi premiati (Feb 2013): an initiative which allows you to acquire points for the fantastic gifts available from the Formula UBI prizes competition.

  • Private & Corporate Unity (Jan 2013): care for your personal and your business assets in one single innovative service model.